Tales of Suspense #58-60 (1964)

With issue #59, Marvel cancelled “Tales of the Watcher” and instead made this an Iron Man/Captain America split book.

Good choice.  And just as they did with Giant-Man and Hulk sharing a book, they started it out with s story about Cap and Iron Man fighting before settling into the split.

Cap kicks Iron Man’s ass all over issue #58.  Except it turns out to be Chameleon.

Who snuck into the country with Kraven.

Also: 1st appearance of Jarvis.

The Iron Man stories continue to be weak, but the Cap ones are solid, right out of the gate.  #59 is Cap sitting in Avengers mansion, thinking about the past, clearly establishing him as a “man out of time.”  Very cool.

Also: A Millie the Model reference.

For the action, he foils an attempt to break into Avengers Mansion.  Then he continues his memory lane by taking Zemo on in issue #60.

On the Iron Man side of #59….

It’s Black Knight.

And then Widow and Hawkeye return for #60.

Seeing Kirby drawing this character is worth suffering through any number of mediocre-to-below-average Iron Man stories.

Also: The final Tales of the Watcher story.

Creators: Lee/Ayers (Iron Man), Lee/Kirby (Cap)
Grades: D- (Iron Man), B+ (Cap)

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