First apperance of Black Widow's skin-tight leathers

First appearance of Black Widow’s skin-tight leathers.

It wasn’t until I started re-reading old Spider-Man and Daredevil comics that I realized what a major player Black Widow was in the Marvel Universe.  She’d already been an Avenger by this time, and soon after this she got a regular gig on Daredevil (the title of the comic even changed to “Daredevil and Black Widow” for about a year).

Anyway, this was her signature look until Frank Miller redesigned her in the 1980s.  She adopts the new costume after she sees Spidey swinging across the city.

She wants to be more like Spider-Man–hence the “web line.”  That’s really the only thing she does to make herself like Spider-Man.

Then she goes out to lure Spidey, fight him, and prove she’s better than him.

Yeah, it’s kind of a dumb plot but it’s always fun to see heroes fight.

“Woody Allen could take you” is a pretty good line.

There’s also a good “history of the Black Widow” sequence for those of you who haven’t been paying attention until this point.  And there’s a hype panel promoting her coming solo stories in Amazing Adventures.

Creators: Stan and Romita Sr.
Grade: B-

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