AVENGERS #105 (1972)

Hawkeye continues to flirt with Wanda, and Vision continues to appear not to care.  Scarlet Witch is very clear she’s not interested…

But the reality is, he’s distracted by Grim Reaper’s offer to put his mind in the body of Simon Williams and finally make him future.  He’s Pinocchio, dreaming of being a real boy.

Also, this issue has the return of Lorelei–not the Asgardian, the Magneto mutate who lives in the Savage Land.  Magneto isn’t in this book, but since he created the villain (and since he’s out of the picture as new X-Men stories are not being written), I’m tagging this with the Magneto tag.

The Avengers are in the Savage Land on their search for Quicksilver, but all they find is an old Angel costume.  It’s very cool to see a mystery slowly unfold.  Also, it’s nice to see a Savage Land adventure that doesn’t involve Ka-Zar.

Creators: Steve Englehart and John Buscema

Grade: B+

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