Marvel Team-Up #150 (1985): X-Men (final issue)

First things first: A breathtaking Barry Windsor Smith cover!

Inside the book: Juggernaut’s friend and “handler,” Black Tom, is celebrating his birthday so Juggernaut decides to get him his very own Ruby of Cyttorak (which is what gave Juggy his powers).  Juggernaut’s thought is that his friend will become just as invulnerable as he is, but it backfires: they end up splitting the Ruby’s power.

The two go on a rampage, and the X-Men show up to help Spider-Man.

Juggernaut, it turns out, isn’t as dumb as we all thought.  His helmet protects him from psychic attack, which is pretty much the only thing he is vulnerable to.  So to beat him, in the past, the X-Men have pulled his helmet off and then Professor X (or another psychic) easily zaps him.  Now, he’s bolted it on.  And even though Colossus still manages to rip it off, Juggy has ANOTHER helmet underneath.

Pretty sneaky!

At the end of the issue, Juggernaut has learned that sharing isn’t always a good thing so he throws the Ruby of Cyttorak into space where nobody else can find it.  And he calls the superheroes “costumed idiots.”  Nice burn.

I didn’t realize he was strong enough to throw something that far.

Creators: Louise Simonson and Greg LaRocque
Grade: B+
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