Doctor Strange #17-19 (1976)

In celebration of America’s bicentennial (which many Marvel books celebrated in 1976), Clea travels through time to bump uglies with Ben Franklin.  Seriously.

It starts with them going on an interdimensional date.  Then some spells and seductions start to happen.

At the end, it turns out The Ancient One was just messing with the Doc, testing to see if he was ready to ascend into the Astral Plane full-time.  Strange says “no,” and Ancient One removes his title as Sorceror Supreme.

Strange doesn’t feel bad about it because he gets to bed Clea.

These are some very sexualized issues of Dr. Strange.

Creators: Steve Englehart (script #17-18) and Marv Wolfman (#19), Gene Colan (art #17-18) and Alfredo P. Alcala (#19)
Grade: B.  I don’t really like Dr. Strange, but I have to give it to this one.  Completely original, and pretty cool.

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