Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #91 (1984) 

The homoerotic affair between Blob and Unus ends in this issue, as Unus’ forcefield goes haywire again.  This time, it prevents him from receiving oxygen, and he suffocates and dies.  Gruesome, but kind of interesting—nice build to Marvel Fanfare #7, where we first learned that Blob and Unus were kind of a couple and Unus was losing control of his powers.

Blob is driving into a rage by his friends death, so he starts breaking stuff and Spider-Man and Black Cat stop him.  Actually, Black Cat stops him—with her new bad luck powers.  And she uses what really should be her new tag line: That’ll teach you to cross the Black Cat’s path!
And speaking of Cat, the symbiote suit offers new opportunities.

Creator: Al Milgrom
Grade: C

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