INFINITY GAUNTLET #5 and Silver Surfer #59 (1983)

“Astral Conflagration.” That’s the title of the fifth installment of the famous infinity gauntlet event.  It’s the one where Thanos has been really kicking ass and then gets cocky.



His granddaughter steals the gauntlets!

By this issue, most of the Marvel universe is dead and we’re mostly looking at cosmic characters and the close Thanos family.  Great stuff.

Next issue: The Final Confrontation!


Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #59.  Just one tie-in issue this month.  Ron Marz continues to write Silver Surfer, but this issue doesn’t have Ron Lim.  Instead, it’s very early work by Tom Raney.  Too bad.  I love Lim’s Surfer stuff.

Surfer negotiates with Doom.

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