TALES OF SUSPENSE #95-96 (1967)

The Iron Man half: One of my favorite C-list villains, The Grey Gargoyle, turns IM to stone and makes him fall!

The Cap half: Featured on the cover of #96: Cap falling!  

Everyone is falling!

In his story, Iron Man faces Grey Gargoyle after the villain escapes from prison.  The battle requires him to max-out his armor’s ability, which means he diverts it from supporting his heart.  At the end of the issue, Gargoyle is reverted to human form and arrested, but Tony has a heart attack.

For Cap: He quits being Captain America.  Again.

Because it gets in the way of his love life.

Fury’s not happy about it and blames the broad.

But Cap changes his mind by the end of the second issue.  Again.

After tormenting himself with memories of how fucking cool it is to be Captain America.

And during the tale, when he can’t find his shield, Cap uses a door.

Meanwhile, Jack and Roz celebrate a wedding anniversary!

Creators: Stan Lee, Gene Colan (Iron Man); Stan Lee, Jack Kirby (Cap)

Grade: B- (both)

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