Silver Surfer #15-18 (1988)

Remember when Galactus ate all the elders of the universe?  Well, it made him sick, so it’s time to undo that event.  Surfer is still helping Galactus (and I don’t understand why), and he gets Reed, Susan, and Franklin (?) to go out in space and see if they can relieve the big purple guy’s indigestion.  But they’re not going to invent cosmic Tums.  Instead, they’re going to find the soul gem and use it to yank the Elders’ souls out of Galactus, and restore them to life.

Franklin’s precognitive powers are used to see if anything bad will happen.

Nova stays behind to watch Franklin (and Galactus) …

What follows is a pretty rad adventure through the cosmos to track down the gems.  At one point, Sue Richards becomes “Malice” again and shoots Silver Surfer in the face.

That’s cool.

Eventually, it all comes down to In-Betweener wanting Galactus to die (I don’t really understand why, but as I read this issues it all seemed to make sense anyway), and a big fight between the two of them….

I think In-Betweener wants the Elders to be permanently dead, so what he’s really trying to do is kill off the Elders while they’re in Galactus’ belly.  But when he realizes he can’t kill Galactus, he asks Death to kill the Elders, and she kills some but not all.

This is one of those stories you really just have to read and enjoy—summarizing it feels stupid and reductive.  It’s great cosmic comics.

By the end, most of the Elders are restored, and Galactus isn’t nauseous anymore.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Ron Lim
Grade: B-

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