THE DEFENDERS #52-56 (1977): 1st Appearance of The Presence

It’s a Sub-Mariner story!IMG_5874

A Russian nuke is underwater, radiating an area that is under Sub Mariner’s protection.  Namor goes to New York to seek the help of the only humans he trusts.  No, not The D-team.  The Fantastic Four.  But on his way there, he is attacked by a mob and The Hulk happens to be nearby.  Hulk tries to protect Namor but, of course, they end up fighting instead.

By the time it’s all over, the full Defenders team is present and ready to help Namor.

Meanwhile, Red Guardian has returned to Russia only to be kidnapped.

Of course it all ties together.  Red G was kidnapped by a very Kirbyesque villain named The Presence.

IMG_5883He’s the one who kidnapped Red Guardian.  He’s the one who owns the nukes.


So, of course, Namor insists there’s no time for fun or talking.  Time to fight.

The story starts strong, but ends up feeling thin. There are a lot of artists sharing the chores as well, which makes the whole thing feel jumbled.

There’s also a few backup features in these issues featuring Nick Fury and Clea.

Creators: David Anthony Kraft and Keith Giffen (#52-54), Dave Cockrum (#53), Michael Golden (#53, 54), Carmine Infantino (#55-56)
Grade: D

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