Fantastic Four #263-264 (1984)

This one is a weird science fiction story about a  millionaire inventor who has decided that by expanding the Earth’s core he can “grow” the planet and reduce the effects of overpopulation.  Growing the core requires heat.  Heat comes from fire.  You see where this is going.

Meanwhile, the underground constructs he will use to direct the captive Human Torch’s energy disrupt Mole Man’s home, so he appears as part of the adventure.

A fine tale.

An interesting character-development note, Reed and Sue have moved out of the Baxter Building to give Franklin a closer-to-normal life, and we see how he uses his powers to have a secret identity.  It’s the subtler aspects of Reed’s power uses that made John Byrne’s run so incredibly rich and memorable.

And…Nice splash page.

Creator: John Byrne
Grade: B-

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