FRANKENSTEIN #1-12 (1973)

A tribute to Marvel’s Frankenstein. Created in 1973 by Gary Friedrich (creator of Ghost Rider), the first issue of his first comic was called “The Frankenstein Monster.” The first four issues simply retold the movie story, but then it began to get original.
Admittedly, the next three issues drifted. But in #8, pictured above, he met Dracula. Dracula had already been in his own comic (and that will be the subject of another “Comic Book Monsters” post), but cross-pollenation is the Marvel way anyway.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this comic started in #12.  There, he got frozen and ice and revived in the present-day Marvel universe.

Just like Captain America!

Oh, and the letter page was terrific.  Great title.  Here’s a letter from a future Marvel editor and writer….

Also, in issue #5, the future author of Loki and indie comic book creator Rob Rodi wrote in…

Creators: Gary Friedrich and Gene Colan
Grade: C+

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