THE NEW MUTANTS #8-12 (1983-1984)

The kids go on a trip to an Amazonian rainforest and stumble upon an ancient empire of centurions.  It’s important to note that Professor X doesn’t help them because…

…he’s still training Team America.

Dani creates snow, showing he’s getting better at using her powers and also providing the cool-down requested by Rahne. The team bonds through adversity.

It’s a fine story, but the Roman thing is just a little too stupid to make this a great book.

The most important part: The first appearance of Magma.

To join in the January Assistant Editors Month event, Elliot Brown puts himself in the corner box and does a one-page back-up story, in place of the letters page, where he invents Marvel Universe Slipper Socks.

I guess Chris Claremont didn’t want to participate?

Creators: Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema
Grade: C+

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