Marvel Two-In-One #96 (1983): Visiting Hours

IMG_8634Right on the heels of MTIO Annual #7, we see an issue where The Thing is in the hospital due to his having been totally destroyed by The Champion, and a bunch of villains decide to go get him while he’s incapacitated.  Much like the Godfather’s extended family, a whole bunch of Marvel heroes decide to defend him.

Like the Annual that precedes it, this is another fan-favorite issue with tons of guest spots, and one that’s remembered by all who read it.

Just about every New York based superhero is in it, as well as Alpha Flight, Hulk, and many others.

And it’s hilarious.

Like, Ant Man defeats Shellshock, who was able to take on Thing by himself, just by sending ants after him…


Meanwhile, Dr. Doom shows a little dignity and refused to take advantage of a wounded foe….


But the best part is the end…

Awwwww. Ain’t that sweet?

Creators: Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson
Grade: B+

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