KA-ZAR #28-31 (1983)

Ka-Zar and Shanna get married.  And of course the wedding is crashed by a super villain.

It’s Belasco, ruler of Limbo.

These issues are under new creators, and they’re…Not good.  I mean, when Bruce Jones was writing this book it was about as best as a Tarzan rip off could be–and sometimes it was actually an above average comic.  Now, it’s just hot garbage.

Oh, and what do you think Ka-Zar wants to do to Shanna for a whole day…

Also, because this is a bi-monthly book, it’s skip month was January and no Assistant Editors Month.

Creators: Mike Carlin and Ron Frenz (#28), Mary Wilshire (#29), and Paul Neary (#30-31)
Grade: D

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