Marvel Comics Presents #57-61 (1990): Black Cat, Captain America, Punisher, Dr. Strange

Collecting the single-issue stories from these issues, starting with #57, which has Black Cat in France stealing jewels.

This is basically a Catwoman story.  That’s not a bad thing, but there’s nothing essential, fresh, or, frankly, terribly interesting.

Issue #59 has a short Punisher story that (I guess) couldn’t be told in either Punisher or Punisher War Journal.  Everyone bad dies in the end.

And speaking of characters who already have other places to tell their tales, issue #60 shows Captain America) preventing the assassination of a Congressman and then revealing that same Congressperson’s own corruption.

Finally, in issue #61, Peter Gillis gets another chance to write Dr. Strange as the character helps an immortal, time-traveling librarian understand the “curse” that’s been placed on her.  It’s actually a nice little tale—the best of the bunch summarized here.

There are fewer short stories in MCP now, possibly because Marvel Super Heroes is taking them or (more likely) because having continuing stories across multiple issues encourages sales to fans who want to see how the story ends.

Creators and Grades:
Black Cat: Dwight Jon Zimmerman, Mike Harris.  Grade: C
Punisher: Marc McLaurin, Dan Reed.  Grade: D
Captain America: John Figueroa, Tom Lyle.  Grade: C-
Dr. Strange: Peter Gillis, Chris Tsuda.  Grade: C+

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