Uncanny X-Men #223 (1987)

Those old superheroes who played “the most dangerous game” with Storm back in issue ##215-216 face trial but instead of being put in jail as vigilantes…

They join the government mutant team Freedom Force.  Freedom Force is a lot like The Thunderbolts, only it’s mutants.

Meanwhile, Storm continues searching for Forge with Naze, the Native American who used to work with Forge.  Along the way, she fights a giant sea snake.

As the story progresses, Naze is looking more and more evil and is persuading Storm that Forge is actually not in need of rescue, but in need of killing, because he is working with The Adversary.  It’s pretty obvious at this point that Naze himself is, in fact, The Adversary.  We still don’t know what The Adversary looks like in his/her natural form, and we don’t know what’s really happened with Forge, and Storm doesn’t have her powers back.  But she is a badass.

Also, Destiny predicts the X-Men’s deaths.

Creators: Chris Claremont, Kerry Gammill
Grade: C+

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