Okay–big issue.  Lots and lots of new stuff.  I have to marvel again at how Marvel let Chris Claremont tell his story very slowly, unfolding over the course of years and years.  Decades, eventually.  In this issue we learn that Wolverine has a history studying the techniques of the ninja in Japan–more of his Japan backstory that we are getting in drips and drabs.


We also met Caliban for the first time.  He serves as the “villain” in this story, which is kind of a “girls’ night out” tale featuring Storm, Spider-Woman, Dazzler, and Kitty Pryde.

No sign of the rest of Moorlocks yet, but we do see him crawl out of the sewers in the beginning of the story.

And, finally, this is the issue where Chris Claremont gave Kitty the power to walk on air.  And it makes sense, because if she phases through solids then she must be standing on something, right?

It’s really cool to watch a creator discover his own characters’ power set like this.25


Creators: Claremont and Cockrum
Grade: B+

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