Captain America #131-132 (1970)


The deceptively advertised “Bucky Reborn” story is really about a lookalike found by Cap’s enemy, The Hood, who is trying to bait Captain America into a fatal trap.  The Hood’s identity is revealed as Baron von Strucker who, a decade later (in Captain America #247), is revealed to be a robot and not the real Strucker.

So many imposters!

Someone, please, tell me where that cover is like.  I’m pretty sure there’s a Batman issue or something that looks an awful lot like this, but I can’t find it.

Anyway, towards the end of this story my favorite villain shows up (teaming up with another favorite) because it turns out fake Bucky was actually a fake “fake Bucky;” he was a robot, built by Dr. Doom and teleported across the sea by MODOK (who apparently has teleportation abilities now).

And the mastermind behind it all?  Baron Von Strucker.

Creators: Lee and Colan
Grade: C.  Average.

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