UNCANNY X-MEN #178 (1984)

First, a training session.  Really, Romita’s art could have carried this sequence, but Chris Claremont really liked to write.  A lot.

Then it’s time for a Brotherhood battle.  Amanda Sefton’s magic powers are progressing.  And there’s this:

One of my all-time favorite John Romita panels.  Also, an example of unnecessary dialog–comics in the 1980s were riddled through with it.   I mean, is it really necessary for Kurt to say “Blob!”?  But at least he doesn’t call him “fat Blob.”

Wolverine finishes the Blob fight with a death threat.

Then there’s this one:

Great issue for Nightcrawler beating up evil mutants.  And Rogue starts to learn about her connection to Mystique.

Creators: Chris Claremont, Romita Jr.
Grade: B

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