Steve Ditko takes over the art chores and we get the first partial transformation.  From here, no more Hulk until he appears in The Avengers (1964) and then he gets some appearances in the Tales To Astonish anthology series.  Issue #5 is the first appearance of Tyrannus, who will wage a long war with Mole Man in the future for the control of Earth’s underground.

He enslaves Hulk and the Moloids.

He’ll do this again, many times, in future comics.

Because Hulk always escapes.

Oh, and also he dresses like a Yeti.  Yeah, issue #5 is good.  But #4 and 5…Aren’t.

He does start talking in the third person, though.

Creators: Lee/Ditko/Kirby
First appearances:  None of significance.
Grade: C+ (issue #5), D (issues #4 and 6)

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