vision possessed
Vision acts very creepy in this done-in-one that involves the efforts of people who helped program his personality–which has now been erased–as they try to revive latent humanlike traits in the synthezoid.

Vision remains fully computer-based at the end.

The rest of the team appears briefly–this is mostly a Vision character piece.  Interesting to have a character piece about someone who literally has no character anymore.

David Michelinie – Writer
Erik Larsen – Penciler
Randy Emberlin – Inker

Characters Appearing: Ben UrichBlack FoxBlack WidowCaptain AmericaCarlos CassadaEvan SwannJ. Jonah JamesonMary Jane WatsonMichael CassadaQuasarRoberto CassadaRosa CassadaSandmanSersiShe-HulkSpider-ManThorVision

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