UNCANNY X-MEN #154-158


Space pirate and father-of-Cyclops Corsair returns for the X-Men’s first true space epic.  Sure, they went to the stars when Phoenix died, but this story sprawls across ten issues and takes them to outerspace, back to Earth, then back out again.

Today, the X-Men are associated with going to other worlds, but this was the first time we started to see them as a group that would be tied, heavily connected, to other worlds.

Also in this story, Carol Danvers becomes a big part of the team’s storyline, and the group meets Rogue for the first time–the evil mutant who permanently stole Danvers’ Ms. Marvel powers in one of my all-time favorite comic books of the 1980s, Avengers Annual #10.

Seriously, if you haven’t read this comic you need to find a copy and do it…Now.  it’s drawn, by the way, by one of the least-remember, best artists of the 1980s: Michael Golden,

And so Claremont began to tie his own Marvel Universe stories together–and in this X-Men arc, he also included Ms. Marvel’s enemy, Deathbird.

This issue also has Colossus almost being killed.

I can’t believe how great these stories were.  And I can’t think of anything Marvel is doing right now that’s better.  I mean, sure, there are comics that are much better written and some that have more realistic art, but in terms of a long story with character development, richness and depth?  Who’s doing that these days?

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