THE X-MEN #3 (1964): The first Blob!

Let’s start with the creepy.  Professor X is in love with Jean?????  Thankfully, this story gets dropped and I’m pretty sure it never comes up again.


Issue #3 introduces The Blob, a terrific Marvel villain. 

He’s a carnival freak.

It also shows us how Professor X scans the planet for mutants, then sends his team out to get them…


A little irresponsible to send teens out alone like that.  Also, no cerebro yet.  X is doing it all under his own power. 

And he’s kind of a dick telling Jean “Silence!” like that.  How rude.

Anyway, the X-Men go find Blob and offer him the chance to join their school.  They take him to Westchester and test his abilities.

But Blob says no,because he thinks he’s more powerful than all of them combined.

But afterwards, he’s afraid that now that he knows their secret Mansion location, they’ll come after him.

And he kind of has a point…

So he attacks them–with the rest of his carny friends.  It seems ridiculous that Blob can beat the entire team.

At the end of the issue, Professor X mindwipes Blob and the rest of the carnival, and sends them all on their way.

Creators: Lee/Kirby
First appearance: The Blob
Grade: B

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