Tales Of Suspense #51 (1964)

Iron Man meets The Scarecrow. Now, DC’s Scarecrow can make people feel fear—which makes total sense, given the character’s name.  Marvel’s Scarecrow is a professional contortionist who dresses like a scarecrow.

Seriously. Oh, and sometimes crows fly around and do his bidding.

That’s kind of cool.

And it takes Iron Man a whole issue to defeat him.  (Of course, Cobra is basically a contortionist as well—but a much better one—and he seems to be able to cause issue-long problems for Thor, so, that’s Marvel logic.)

And Happy Hogan reveals why he’s called Happy.

It’s irony!

There’s also another Tales of The Watcher that’s really, really stupid.  As with most Tales of the Watcher.

Creators: Stan Lee, Don Heck (Iron Man); Stan Lee, Larry Lieber (Watcher)
First appearance: Scarecrow
Grade: D-.  Just barely above an “F” because I really think F grades should be reserved for absolute crap.  Like most of what Marvel put out in the mid-1990s.

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