STRANGE TALES #121 (1964)

Doc Strange is literally called to action, and uses what looks an awful lot like science–not magic–to win the day.

The other half of the book is Johnny Storm.

In this issue, we learn two important facts.  First, Human Torch sleeps in red pajamas.  Second, Plantman can be kind of a dick.

Oh, also if you throw a bucket of water on him, Johnny is completely immobilized.  And, he’s a pretty dumb villain.  If you’re six feet tall and made of shrubbery, and trying to get away from committing a crime, don’t drive a convertible.

In the second half of the book, Dr. Strange fights Baron Mordo in a wax museum.

Creators: Stan Lee and Dick Ayers (Torch); Lee and Steve Ditko (Strange)
Grade: Torch: B-; Strange: C+

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