Quasar #17 (1990)

Remember this?

Now Marvel is doing it!

The Runner, a Marvel Elder, organizes a race between Quicksilver, Makkari (of Squadron Supreme), Super Sabre, Captain Marvel, Black Racer, and Speed Demon.  The contestants are a little odd—I mean, Speed Demon and Super Sabre seem completely under-powered—but it’s a fun idea.

Captain Marvel pretty much sums it up in the panel above.

We see a bunch of the race.  Then, in the middle, some new guy shows up and wins.

Yeah, he’s dressed like Flash and his name is Buried Alien.  Get it—his initials are B.A., same as Barry Allen?

Then he changes it to Fastforward.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald, Mike Manley
Grade: C+

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