Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #47-48 (1980)

IMG_4380I can’t wait until Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. finally get together.  As it stands, we’ve got great writing on this book and great art on Amazing.

Someone prowled the Prowler, stealing his costume and becoming the new Prowler.  The new villain is the old villain called The Cat.  And it turns out he’s being funded by the new woman-in-a-purple-trenchcoat crimelord, Belladonna.

Also, Peter accidentally wrecks his giant stuffed dog and Len Wein saves it from the trash.  (Peter calls it a stuffed bear, but it’s not, it’s a dog.)  And look closely at Len’s belt buckle.

There’s the dog in his apartment.  I love the details, like the wooden indian, that reappear throughout this series.

Creators: Roger Stern and Marie Severin
Grade: C+
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