Marvel Comics Presents #18 (Christmas stories)

As always, this is a 4-story comic so each individual tale is about 8 pages.  Not enough time to really do anything at all.  Half the stories are chapters in long-running stories, and two are short.

In the first, a bored She-Hulk fantasizes about fighting Galactus and Dr. Doom in a character-driven story by John Byrne.

It is designed to whet readers’ appetites for his return to Marvel with Sensational She-Hulk.

As you can tell from the panels above, where she opens a present from Marvel and it’s issue #1 of that same, fourth-wall-breaking title.

And I’ll say: That book will be phenomenally influential.

The second story is also in the Fantastic Four neighborhood.  Willie Lumpkin the Postman delivers X-Mas cards to the team.

Creators: Shulk: John Byrne.  Grade: A.
Lumpin: Glenn Herdling and Richard Howell.  Grade: C

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