Machine Man Volume 2 (1984)

I’m not sure this book “counts” as part of main Marvel continuity, but it sure is a beautiful comic.  Herb Trimpe did breakdowns, but Barry Windsor-Smith did the finishes and coloring, and they’re gorgeous.  It takes place in the future, where some scavenging kids (the “Midnight Wreckers”) find Machine Man’s broken body in a corporate junk yard and bring him back as a hero for their revolution against Arno Stark, the Iron Man of 2020—who will return in future Marvel books.

Jacosta also appears as a freedom fighter. (Remember–she died in MM’s arms back in Marvel Two-in-One #93.)

This was one of my personal favorite miniseries of the 1980s.  It’s self-contained, marks Marvel’s first foray into cyberpunk and, again, that art is incredible.

It’s also worth noting that the covers told a “story” of sorts:

Creators: Tom DeFalco, HerbTrimpe and Barry Windsor-Smith
Grade: B


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