first appearance of kraven

First appearance of Kraven The Hunter, the only dude besides Doc Ock to actually kill Spider-Man.

It makes perfect sense. By issue #15, Spider-Man’s foes were a menagerie: Vulture, Octopus, Rhino, Lizard, Chameleon…So why not a hunter?

And why not a villain that everyone loves to fight the hero that the public hates?

Just perfect.

Of course, if you’re gonna go with a Kraven pic Steve Diko’s fine but Skottie Young…

What else is in this issue?  Let’s see…Aunt May tells Peter that she wants to set him up with her neighbor’s daughter, a “Miss Watson.”  Meanwhile, Liz has finally agreed to go out with him (he thinks) and Betty Brant has completely fallen for him.  His school life, his home life, and his work are all coming together, and all the ladies want him.  Which, when you’re Peter Parker, is a problem…

It’s that darn Parker luck!

Creators: Lee/Ditko
First appearances: Kraven, first mention of Mary Jane Watson (unseen)
Grade: A

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