MARVEL FANFARE #10-13: Starring Black Widow! (1983-1984)

black widow big tits
A multi-issue Black Widow story by Ralph Macchio and George Perez.  Solid tale, excellent art.  Giant boobs.  A gang of new villains who never appear again.

The really cool part of the story is a four page recap of Widow’s entire life story.  Here’s a taste of it:

Nick Fury recruits Natasha to go after some international criminals.  The story ends up tying to Widow’s days when she co-headlined with Daredevil in his book, but old hornhead doesn’t make any appearances.

Up-and-coming artist Brent Anderson has some really beautiful pin-ups in the back of issue #10.  They’re so beautiful, they get their own post.  Here.

There’s also posters in the back of #11, but they’re by random artists, like Terry Austin, P. Craig Russell and Jim Shooter(!).  #12 is a portfolio of Rick Leonardi that is, of course, stunning.  Beautiful work, all around.

In #12, it’s time for Marvel Fanfare’s contribution to Assistant Editors’ Month, which features Ann Nocenti meeting Captain America.  It’s not great, but it’s cute enough.

And Gil Kane’s Jungle Book adaptation wraps up in #11, with a Warriors Three back-up taking its place in #13.

Creators: Ralph Macchio and George Perez (Black Widow); Mary Jo Duffy and Gil Kane (Jungle Book back-ups #10-11); Alan Zelenetz and Charles Vess (Warriors Three #13).
Grade: C+

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