FANTASTIC FOUR #299 (1987)

In #299, Roger Stern (who also had great runs on Avengers and Spider-Man—yes, he was almost the Brian Bendis of his day) shows that Johnny Storm hasn’t learned a damn thing from the eavesdropping that occurred in #297, at the top of this post, in this very cute page (art by John Buscema):
Roger Stern’s second issue preps for the big Human Torch-Alicia Masters (not) wedding.  It’s a character issue: Thing pouts until She-Hulk brawls with him to work out his depression (nice, big, John Buscema fight). 

Human Torch pouts because he feels guilty taking Ben’s girl (and he should) until he talks with Spider-Man.  And, of course, it ends with Thing being the bigger man and agreeing to be best man.

Also, the Baxter Building—having been destroyed and rebuilt—is rechristened “Four Freedoms Plaza.”  Not sure I understand the name.

four freedoms plaza fantastic four 299

Creators: Roger Stern, John Buscema (breakdowns), Sal Buscema (finishes)
Grade: B-

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