MOON KNIGHT #7-8 (1981)

Let’s start with the cover.  The lettering instantly brings to mind Star Wars, and the moon backdrop, completed with aliens villains, makes you think Moon Knight is jumping genres from street vigilante to sci fi space hero.

But he’s not.

Sometimes, misleading covers can be frustrating.   But in this case, it looks cool and it’s not totally wrong…

In this issue, terrorists put a kind of super LSD into New York’s reservoir, causing mass hallucinations across the city, which ultimately even affect Moon Knight and his woman.

So far in the life of this character, we haven’t seen much in the way of him being a flat out crazy person, and truth be told even in this issue, he’s not alone…

Marlene gets nuts too.  What a wonderful, frightening panel by the great Bill S! 

Anyway, this final page from issue #7 was the first time reading Moon Knight where I thought about how a crazy superhero might be a great idea.

And now the cover of #8…

One of my favorite covers of all time.  Bill even made his signature drip like rain on asphalt.

Bill did some of his best poster work ever on his Moon Knight covers, and they got progressively more experimental (and better) as the series itself developed and got more experimental (and better).

This was also the issue that introduced the tricked out Moon Copter.

But at the end of the issue, it is destroyed due to his pilot, Frenchie, having been affected by the poisoned water.

Creators: Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz
Grade: B

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