AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #112-115 (1972): Gang War

It’s weird to think of Doctor Octopus, a master chemist and expert at robotics, wanting to be a crime lord–but that’s what happens in these issues.

ock declares war

He’s still got some science skills, though.  In the sequence above he invents a serum to dissolve Spider-Man’s webbing.

Remarkable that nobody thought of that before.

Anyway, if you can buy the scientist-turned-crimelord concept, Doc Ock is a badass.

He and Hammerhead (first appearance in issue #113!) fight for control of the underworld, Peter Parker gets an ulcer (literally), and Spidey loses his mask.  It’s found by Daily Bugle editor Robbie Robertson’s son, Randy (first appearance!) who gives it to J. Jonah Jameson, who hangs it up on the wall.

Hammerhead was created by Dr. Jonas Harrow, who debuts in this issue.

Anyway, Spider-Man reacts negatively when he finds out who his Aunt’s border is…

You have to love the details of the sidestories in Amazing Spider-Man.  That was truly Stan Lee’s genius.IMG_3680Anyhow, because he’s sick Spider-Man creates armor to help him defeat Octopus.  Which is cool–both of them have cybernetically enhanced limbs.

We all know that now Superior Spider-Man, who is Otto Octavius, uses all kinds of power-boosting tech.  This is the first time Spider-Man does it.

Also, Aunt May knocks Spidey out with a vase to stop him from hitting the doc.  Note the missing eye-lenses in Spider-Man’s mask, above.

And then, in the end, she MOVES IN WITH DOCTOR OCTOPUS!!!!aunt may moves in with doctor octopus

Total rip-roaring early 1970s fun.

Creators: Stan Lee and Gerry Conway, John Romita, Sr.
Grade: B

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