Ghost Rider #5-6 (1990)

Ghost Rider and Punisher.  Interesting minor point: A news reporter guesses they’re the same person because they both have skull images.  Kind of a reach, but maybe it was a slow news day?

Typically, they fight before they’re friends.  Then they team up and fight Flag Smasher’s gang of anarchists, Ultimatum, whose latest attempt to uproot society is to give guns to criminals and let them create mayhem.

Ghost Rider uses his penance stare to reduce one of the bad guys to a quivering pulp.

Punisher then takes out his pistol to execute the villain and Ghost Rider stops him.  “Vengeance is my cause, not death.”

Thus, Ghost Rider preserves his ability to star in a PG-13 movie.

Creators: Howard Mackie, Javier Saltares
Grade: C+

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