TALES OF SUSPENSE #88-91 (1967)

This is the big one.  Bucky returns!     Only not.  It’s a Red Skull robot.  But we do see Skull lift Manhattan in a bubble.  You got to feel sorry for New Yorkers.  I mean, this just happened to them in X-Men #28 to 29.

As for how Red Skull survived drowning after his last appearance in ToS #81, the explanation is basically “because the Cosmic Cube.”  Not much more than that.

Anyway, it’s great to see Gil Kane drawing Cap.  In the end, Skull holds the City hostage and forced Cap to go on TV and say he doesn’t like America.  Which leads to this great splash page…

But it all gets resolved in a single issue.  Seems like it could have gone on for a while longer and led to some cool stories.  Oh well.

And check out the lower left face, behind Cap’s left boot.  Is that Norman Osborn???

In the end, Red Skull dies.  Again.  Not.

Meanwhile, Gene Colan continues to do a good job drawing Iron Man as fights Mole Man, The Melter, and a big thug named Crusher, but look at this…

Iron Man’s armor can change expressions at the mouth and eyes.  Hm.

And Tony is nice to his employees, because not all big business weapons manufacturers are dicks.

Creators: Cap: Stan Lee, Gil Kane.
Iron Man: Lee, Gene Colan
Grade: Cap: B+; Iron Man: C+

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