First appearance of The Puma.  He’s introduced as an athletic assassin, hired by The Rose to kill Spider-Man.

He’s actually part Puma, which is the thing that distinguishes him from Kraven.  He manages to injure Spider-Man pretty badly.

Spidey and Black Cat are essentially partners-in-crimefighting now, the battle against Puma involves both of them.

Throughout this story, Spider-Man’s black costume is acting increasingly odd.

Meanwhile, Kingpin doesn’t like that The Rose is doing this–he says it’s not time for Spider-Man to be killed.  But really, it looks like he’s just a control freak and wants to be the main guy in charge who hires people to kill costumed heroes.

Hobgoblin is also becoming increasingly active in the underworld.

Also, Mary Jane tells Peter that she’s known for years he’s really Spider-Man.  And she gets her first steady modeling gig.

Creators: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz
Grade: C+

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