Marvel Two-In-One #77 (1981): Man-Thing

This is a weird issue that’s mostly a dream.   Except the part where Thing destroys the new exercise machine Reed built for him.

Thing test-pilots a new rocket, which crashes into Man-Thing’s swamp.  Thing is unconscious and having a nightmare in which he remembers meeting Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos during WWII.

Ben had superhuman strength even back then, apparently.

Man-Thing never really interacts with Thing—he comes upon him and almost burns him when Thing is afraid of his nightmare, but Thing’s inherent courage quickly overcomes the dream-fear, and Man-Thing slinks away.

Right before the crash, we see Man-Thing slapping around a couple guys who are trying to exploit resources from the swamp.  They’re named Paul Pasko and Martin Curry.  Martin Pasko wrote DC’s Swamp Thing in 1982.  So I’m tagging this as including creators.

Creators: Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson
Grade: C

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