She-Hulk #13-18 (1990)

John Byrne used the She-Hulk book to vent his rage about overly controlling editors in the comic industry, and Steve Gerber uses it to vent against how most of his books have been misunderstood.  I liked a lot of his writing, but some of his best known work—like Howard the Duck—left me cold for the most part (and I didn’t even cover it for this site).  So Gerber creates another Watchers called The Critic.

And speaking of Gerber’s creation…

I hate to be a critic (ahem) but these issues just don’t work.  And they don’t matter.  Shulk punches a hole in reality, meets Howard, etc.  Takes five issues to resolve.

After bringing back Howard the Duck for a multi-issue story, issue #18 features Doctor Doom’s cousin, Bob Doom, who is a doctor of dentistry.  It really doesn’t work either.

I’m sad—I had hopes that Gerber would be a good guy to inherit this book, which had been full of creativity when it launched.  Although by the end of Byrne’s run, he was running out of gas, too.  “Joke-y” books are hard to maintain—maybe it should have been a miniseries?

Creators: Steve Gerber, Bryan Hitch (#14-17), Tom Artis (#18)
Grade: C-

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