Dazzler #26-28 (1983)

Dazzler has a half-sister, and guess what?  She’s got powers.  It’s not clear what they are, but when she’s assaulted on the streets she touches her assailant and burns his face, causing him to have a fatal heart attack.

Then, she kills her landlady’s cat.

This leads to mutant hunters following Allison and her sister Lois, as they are on a Dazzler U.S. Tour, and along the way Rogue shows up (at the direction of the Mystique-led Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) and beats up Dazzler’s limo.

Also, Angel makes an appearance for really no reason at all.

Lois will appear a few more times in Dazzler before disappearing for a while and then returning as “Mortis” in the 2009 X-Necrosha event.

And how about the Bill Sienkiewicz, highly stylized covers?  He’s portraying Dazzler almost like a fashion mag.  I wonder if that did anything for sales?

(I imagine not, because with issue #27, the book went to a bimonthly schedule, as noted on the letters page.)

Creators: Danny Fingeroth (#26), Frank Springer (as writer, #27-28), Frank Springer (as penciler on all three issues)
Grade: D+

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