FANTASTIC FOUR 84-87: Doctor Doom’s New Face!

dr doom headshot

In this very, very odd story, Doctor Doom manages to hypnotize the F4 into being unable to use their powers…But, even odder, he makes them come back to Latveria and live!
It fits with his whole “I wanna control everything” complex, and especially his need to dominate Reed Richards.
Inside Latveria, everyone has been bamboozled into loving Victor Von Doom.  This is the beginning of the decades-long theme that Doom is a real asshole, but sometimes a real asshole can lead a country to relative prosperity and happiness.
Through this strange and confusing tale, Dr. Doom gets a “new face” (which we, the readers, never see) and starts dressing like a ponce.
dr doom without his mask armor
Susan Storm, who was busy househunting so that she could raise her still-unnamed child outside of the Baxter Building, just shows up out of nowhere and Ben Grimm  makes a wise-ass comment.
IMG_0261But the truly weird thing about this story?  Dr. Doom has put two very large explosives under the city of Latveria, but he also filled his palace with paintings and sculptures, so he can’t bear to blow it all up.
He’s not worried about losing all his inventions and magic-stuff.  And of course human life means nothing to him. 
But he can’t bear to destroy art.
Who knew Doom was such an art lover?
Creators: Lee and Kirby
Grade: A, for shaping so much of Doom’s personality

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