Silver Surfer #34-35 (1990)

At laaaaaaaaaassstt!!!  I’ve enjoyed much of Silver Surfer’s ongoing book—the quality has been pretty high—but now we’re in the epic zone.  Jim Starlin returns, and he brings Thanos with him!

This is the first time Surfer met Thanos, by the way.

You may recall that Thanos finally got to be with Death—in this story, Death sets him free because there’s too much life in the universe and she needs him to balance the scales.  And his first mission is to go after Silver Surfer, who Death believes is the only one who can stop her plan (since Captain Marvel is dead).

By the end of these issues, the concept of Thanos wanting to wipe out half of the life in the universe (to solve problems like overpopulation and pollution) is established, and Surfer is set to stop him.  Oh, and one other thing…

Chronos, Elder of Titan, revives Drax.

This is the first time Surfer and Thanos have met, and it’s also the first appearance of Thanos in years, so there’s a lot of flashbacks, explanations, and exposition, but nobody does that kind of thing better than Starlin.

Creators: Jim Starlin and Ron Lim
Grade: A

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