Marvel Comics Presents #42-43 (1990): Union Jack, Daughters of the Dragon, Siryn, Iron Man

Union Jack teaches kids not to spray paint on gravesites.  Seriously.  That’s a story.  And it gives Fabian Nicieza the chance to write in pigeon English.

Then Misty and Colleen fight crime at a circus.  In issue #44, Siryn (the female version of Banshee) rejects an opportunity in an Irish superhero group full of characters we’ll never see again.  And finally, Iron Man gets beat up at a robot basketball game.

Every story here is unnecessary, which is to be expected from 8-page backup features—but these go beyond the standard “check in on a character” into the realm of the mundane and stupid.

Union Jack: Fabian Nicieza, Kieron Dwyer.
Daughters of the Dragon: Mary Jo Duffy, Chris Tsuda
Siryn: Scott Lobdell, Larry Stroman
Iron Man: Ed Simmons, Mark Bagley
Grade: F

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