Amazing Adventures #3-4 (1970-1971)

Two issues of of continuing story written by two different writers never bodes well.  The Black Widow story introduces “The Young Warriors,” who, like so many other Marvel characters these days (Firebrand, Jim Wilson) represent the need for civil rights and economic equality.  A corrupt politician is trying to silence them, and Black Widow saves the day.  Simplistic and entirely forgettable, but I guess we should give Marvel credit for at least trying to tackle social issues.

Gene Colan’s art is good.

The Inhumans story is a little better.  Their hidden city of the Great Refuge is the mountains around China so, of course, that means Mandarin has to come around.  The Inhumans take him out and steal his rings.

In all, entirely inconsequential and unremarkable comics.

Black Widow: Gary Friedrich (script #3), Mimi Gold (script #4), Gene Colan (pencils #3-4)
Inhumans: Kirby
Grade: D

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