In her attorney-guise as Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk is defending a crime boss and tries to coerce three hoods who attacked her last issue into saying that another mob boss, Nick Trask, did the crime her client is accused of.  She says she’ll stop pressing charges on them if they help her. This is massively unethical, and grounds for disbarment, but nobody seems to care. Unfortunately for Jennifer and her client, the hoods’ testimony is ruled inadmissible as She-Hulk coerced it.

Huh?  There’s no Miranda right when you’re clobbered by a superhuman who was merely defending herself.

Well, Marvel’s knowledge of the law is obviously terrible.

From here, mobster Trask goes after Jen and she hulks out and an innocent woman is killed as a result of the battle between Shulk and the mobsters.  She-Hulk is blamed and now has to clear her name.

Also, the mobsters build a fake She-Hulk to get more blame on her.  She-Hulk beheads the machine.

Trask has a bunch of tech stolen from Tony Stark and taht makes him kind of formidable for her, but she takes him on and clears her name and he runs away in a giant robot earthworm that he can’t control and it takes him all the way to the center of the earth.  Problem solved.

Yes, very silly.

Creators: David Anthony Kraft and Mike Vosburg
Grade: D-

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