Iron Man #251-252 (1989-1990): Acts of Vengeance


Chemistro figures out how to defeat Iron Man, and it’s kinda simple and stupid when you think about it.

A new writer comes aboard with a truly awful title for his first story: “Wrecked him? He nearly killed him!”

Dwayne McDuffie has done some great work for Marvel—notably on Power Man and Iron Fist—so I’m hoping this will be a good run.  It’s hard to tell with these first few issues, though, because they’re an event tie-in to Acts of Vengeance.  But based on the dialogue above…Ugh.  And it doesn’t help that the art is bad Herb Trimpe—chunky, awkward stuff.  Trimpe is certainly capable of great work—like what he did for Hulk—but he didn’t bring his “A” game here, presumably because this was a rush to get into the A of V event.

Anyway, these two issues have Wrecker and Chemistro fighting Iron Man, with Wizard upgrading Chemistro’s tech.  The fights themselves are pretty well thought out—Chemistro turns Iron Man’s armor to lead, rendering it inoperational, and Wrecker—who has Asgardian power behind him—is defeated by Stark magnetizing his crowbar.  So these issues have that going for them.

In all, it’s a pretty good couple of issues.  Not that it matters because they’re fill-ins.  There’s going to be a bunch of different creators working on this book for the next couple months.  Then John Byrne will be the regular writer, but the artists will vary.

Creators: Dwayne McDuffie, Herb Trimp
Grade: C.  On balance, an average couple issues, with weaknesses in dialogue and art being made up for in some nice creativity during the fight scenes.

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