Moon Knight #8-9 (1989): Acts of Vengeance

We’re in full “Batman and Robin” mode now.  Moon Knight is the leader and Midnight is his follower.  I really don’t like this.  It also feels contrary to Moon Knight’s whole personality (or “personalities”).  This book is just not making good use of this character, and it’s chipping away at the integrity of Moon Knight.  If he’s just a cookie-cutter Batman clone, why does Marvel need him?

Anyway, the dynamic duo team up with Punisher against Flag-Smasher, who is running a new group called Ultimatum.

Moon Knight talks Punisher (who wears a Ramb0-style headband now) out of killing one of the enemies.

But then…

The final boss fight happens on a motorboat, where Moon Knight stuns Flag-Smasher then jumps off just in time before the boat crashes and explodes, “killing” F-S.  It’s not clear that Moon Knight intended the boat to crash, but it’s not clear that he didn’t, so I’m calling this a homicide or, at a minimum, a killing in self-defense.

Creators: Chuck Dixon, Sal Velluto
Grade: C+.  I don’t like this as a “Moon Knight” comic, but as a straight-ahead street-level action book, it’s pretty good—like a B-. So I’m rating it overall as a C+.

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