DAREDEVIL #162-164 (1980)

daredevil fights hulk

A great set of issues.  In #163, Daredevil fights The Hulk.  He gets his ass kicked.  That’s kind of a no-brainer.  But look at what causes Bruce to transform:

Yes.  The NYC IRT train.  That’ll piss anyone off.

In #164, Frank Miller begins his gradual retcon of Daredevil’s origin.  To be fair, Roger McKenzie still has the scripting credit, but it seems impossible to believe that Miller wasn’t having a heavy influence.

It’s actually less of a retcon, and more of adding flesh to the skeleton.  DD gets revenge on his father’s killer by, literally, scaring him to death.  From his first costumed adventure, then, the Man Without Fear understood the nature of fear.  In later issues, Miller would explore in greater detail the adventures of young Daredevil–particularly when Elektra arrives.


It’s also in these two issues that Ben Urich becomes a major player.  He figures out DD’s identity, Matt confesses it, and then Ben gives up the story for the greater good of New York City.

ben urich knows matt is daredevil IMG_3838

Only one criticism of these issues: If DD has a head injury with a bandage, why is his skull-mask on UNDER the bandage?

NOTE: Daredevil #162 was a filler issue by Steve Ditko, that appears to be something they pulled out of mothballs to meet a publication deadline.

Creators: Roger McKenzie and Frank Miller
Grade: A

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