Iron Man #28 (1970) (1st Howard Stark, final Archie Goodwin as writer)

The Controller has been committed to Pinewood Sanitarium, and the inmate has taken control of the asylum, so its director, Meredith McCall, calls Tony Stark for help.  Turns out they were childhood sweeties and in a flashback we see Howard Stark didn’t approve.  He goes and helps, along with his SHIELD babysitter Jasper Sitwell, but never has a face to face with Dr. McCall, because he learns she is married.

Weird to have all that setup, only to never have them meet.  She’ll be back, though.  In twenty years.

This is a pretty complex story compared to the ones Goodwin usually wrote for Iron Man.  Maybe the book will start getting better?

Oh, wait.  This is his last issue.  The villain is…

Creators: Archie Goodwin and Don Heck
Grade: B-

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